Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PeRsuaDinG My Love :)


whatever language i use...i still called her MAK!no mama no mum no ummi no ibu!
coz she is my only mother,Mak in my whole life..nobody can replace her ok?
in this post,i will write as simple as i can...
at this evening,i asked my Mak to buy me some popia...don't know why,out of blue i succumbed with my stomach demanded for food! >.<
unfortunately,not my sustenance today to have popia..
it's ok...i'm not blame my Mak coz she already effort to find popia for me but i'm still quite sulk with her...
when back home,i just open my laptop and chat with my frens,pretending nothing happened and juz plastered a smile on my face to her....
maybe Mak knows what really i felt...well the everyone mom's instinct is very powerful :D
from that,she knew that i'm sulked coz of popia!hahahha..
suddenly tonight after she perform solat maghrib,she juz being silent..
so,i decided to juz ignore my laptop for a while and sat beside her...
she such a like to be sulk!
she said 'mm...ana p la bt keja tu..'
i said 'huh?ana xda keja apa2..saja main laptop tu..'
againt she said 'stg kata mak ggu ana pulak..abah pon sibuk bt keja kt laptop dia...'
i replied 'laaa...ana pon x da kwn nk sembang..boring sgt....tu yg nk sembang ngn mak'
she silence.
err...thinking thinking thinking!
abah talked to her but she juz replied it in very short sentence..
err...owhh!i thought abah didn't notice that mak sulked with him and :/
well...almost men not alert to notice that either woman sulking or not
hadoii..parah btoi ceni! -.-
so i planned to make toast for Mak!suddenly abah shouted from his room 'buat kat abah sama!'
huh?okieee dokiee
so i need to make toast for them..
after i finished it,i got an idea to cook some omelette..i know Mak will like it..confirm!
after everything served,mak was fall asleep...
i woke her up! 'mak!bgn mkn niii..'
she woke up and said.. 'utk abah x da?'
i answered 'ada mak...'
what make me happy is she ate all of them and now she wacthing tv with me,my sis and abah with laughing... :))
owh!juz persuaded my Mak only by using omelette!hehe...i knew she loved toast and omelette like having breakfast in hotel :D
anyway...mak abah is very cute and sweet couple..their marriage already 32 years...hopefully it sustainable until Jannah (mak named Jannah..hehehe) ..aamiin :)

 THREE of us
My Sweetie Pie <3 u="">

papaii! ~

#x sempat amek gambaq omelette tu depa dah
mkn :3
#err...pelik x ana speaking?haha...biaq laa org nk belajaq..jgn hina!ana tau Bi ana B+ ja :)
 Alhamdulillah x fail :D
#kantoiii mak nmpk ana post gmbq dia..jgn bca post ni mak! >.<

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